Windchime: Butterfly Kiss

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Memorial chime is made from lead-free pewter. The Chime includes a beautiful laminated message and a package of seeds for your butterfly garden. Chime is 12" long. Back of chime sail is designed for adding a photo. Consumer sends photo with enclosed card and manufacturer will use a sublimation process to add photo. Back of box contains instructions.


A Butterfly Kiss

My working hands, they tired

My beating heart grew weak

My weary eyes they closed

As I drifted into a peaceful eternal sleep

I know your heart aches with sadness

Your grief, it seems too much to bear

Keep close to you the happy memories

Special moments of times we've shared

When your heart is heavy

With sorrow and tear-filled pain

Listen...feel the gentle breeze

It's me, sending my love, whispering your name

Look among the flowers

See the butterfly that flutters near your cheek

It brings a kiss from me in heaven

A butterfly kiss for you to keep



Price: $24.00